When left to my own devices…

…I find the nerdiest place I can. 

Originally I had not planned on going anywhere today and was just going to wander and window shop near the hotel and Kyoto Station. Alas, during my wandering I came across an advertisement for The Pokemon Center in Kyoto. So off I went to get on a train!

It was a perfect short visit; it was about 20 minutes one way. I snagged a couple cute souvenirs and looked around before heading back to the train station.
A neat piece of wall art I saw on my way. It’s strange to look at it and think of myself on that little island nation, literally on the opposite side of the world from home.

Capsule machines because Japan!

Cute little photo op in front of the store:

The storefront itself:

I’d been meaning to get a picture of this, so I grabbed it really quick on my way back through Kyoto Station:

I have succeeded in using up the yen I have so I don’t have a bunch left over and also in not withdrawing anymore than I had already done. I have a couple 10-yen coins and a 1-yen coin, but aside from hat I’ve just got a 1,000 yen bill, which will exactly pay the shuttle for checking an extra bag for me.

I’m presently in the shuttle en route to Kansai International Airport! There’s no place like home!


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