Last Day!

Kyoto Day 2:

I forgot to mention in the vlog, but on the way to Kyomizu, we saw this small temple where the Buddha was actually made from pine trees that were knocked down during the earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima disaster several years ago. 

The gate to Kyomizu:

The Blue Dragon that guards the eastern portion of the temple:

A jizou:

The pagoda I mentioned in the blog for pregnant women, placed far away so they get good exercise for the baby:

A portrayal of an Indian god. The Japanese paint them black to mimic the dark skin. Of course I can’t help but think of black face.

The view of Kyoto from Kyomizu:

Ringing the bell:

The supports underneath the temple:

The water you drink to achieve a blessing:

Kyomizu’s huge pagoda:
Beautiful local street:

Studio Ghibli store!


The incredible entrance to the restaurant where we had lunch, Sodoh:

The gardens around Sodoh:

A backstreet outside of Gion:

So these little torii gates are to signal to people walking their dogs that they shouldn’t let them hike their legs on the wall. They also have them near bars to signal to (human) men to relieve themselves elsewhere. 

An entryway with the triskelion “whirlpool” symbol to protect against fire:

The gate at the shrine in Gion:


Maiko live upstairs:

Those wood blocks in the upper right corner are name blocks for the maiko living here:

A street in Gion:

Fushimi Inari front gate:

Farther in to the shrine:

The guardian foxes:

Torii gates! They were so pretty ❤

Delicious sayounara tempura dinner!

Our wonderful guide for the past couple days! Akemi was hands down the best. 


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