Miyajima and Train to Kyoto

On to the pictures! The view from my hotel room in Hiroshima:

Tightly packed restaurants and shops:

Arrived on Miyajima… and suddenly a deer!

The first gate to the shrine.

He floating Torii gate:

The city across the water with a beautifully illuminated building. 

Front of the shrine:

Wash basin in front of the shrine:

More shrine:

Every shrine has male and female guardian dogs/lions. Here’s the female:
An old part of the shrine used for the Noh dance each year:

A bridge that was constructed to be used only by the emperor’s personal messenger. It was really steep. I would have spent all day just trying to scramble up it; I might not have been a very good messenger.

Suddenly a deer!

Stairs up to a shrine. There was suddenly a deer right after I took this photo. 

The maples in Momijidama:

The very crowded shopping arcade:

Looking back from the boat as we left Miyajima:

I took this to show how precise and close together the Shinkansen run. From the same platform, you have two trains leaving four minutes apart. 

I finally got a video of the bullet train pulling in. 

Happy hour on the bullet train!

Kyoto Station from my hotel room.

A tour of my room in Kyoto:

Capsule machines at Yodobashi Camera!

My lovely little hotel room:


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