How do I get to floor 2.8?

No, but seriously, how? After this blog post, I intend to try to find the vending area, which is apparently on floor 2.8.

So here’s the vlog, split into two parts because the internet at this hotel is a little janky.

On to the pictures!
Kenrokuen Garden, which is supposed to have six attributes: open spaces and secluded spaces, artificiality and nature allowed to grow wild, and lots of water and panoramic views.

To prepare for winter, they set up supports underneath the trees so they don’t become damaged under the weight of snow:

Looking back at the Japanese Alps from the garden:

A tree being helped to creep along the water by supports, displaying two contradicting garden attributes: nature allowed to grow wild and artificiality. 

Me with my two favorite ladies from our tour group, Angela and Cristina:

It is said that once you have looked upon this bridge, you will live to be 100 years old:

One of the many stone lanterns:

Another stone lantern:

One of the water ways:

Beautiful bright green moss:


Kanazawa Castle, which the garden was originally established for:

The Samurai District!

The doorway to a middle-class Samurai house. The near window-type outcropping is the lookout, and the one in the opposite side of the door is where the stable would have been.

The gateway to the home where the last known Samurai descendants currently live:

More housing in the Samurai district:

The first generation Samurai suit worn by Nomura:

The Nomura house garden:

Traditional Japanese structures use alcoves to indicate where guests should sit, so here I am sitting in the Nomura guest area!

More of the Nomura garden:

A much smaller garden enclosed by the house. This was used for ventilation, letting in more light, and also meant there were more sloped areas to the roof to help some to fall off into the garden and keep weight off the roofs:

More koi!

Second story window overlooking the garden:

There was a smal museum of Samurai era artifacts in the Nomura house. I thought it was particularly interesting that these delicate little butterflies were used for ornamentation on a weapon meant to kill (these are original swords used by the Nomura Samurai):

Best thank-you note ever:

“To Mr. Nomura Shichiroguro,

A Thank-you Letter from


We appreciate that you worked so hard to kill one high ranked soldier on the fourth of last month at the Yokokitaguchi Battle in Kaganokuni Enumagun.

We are very happy that you brought us his head. 

October 9th, 1566 (Eiroku Ninth)”
Enjoying the garden:

The formal downstairs used to entertain guests:

After returning to the hotel, I paid a visit to the nearby Kanazawa Station, ranked one of the most beautiful stations in the world:

A video just inside the glass canopy of the station:

Some fantastic Engrish in the mall:

And last, but not least, the magnificent Mega Mug of beer the waitress gave me:

Tomorrow, on to Hiroshima!


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