Seriously Against the Law

Sorry for the delay! This is my 10/26 post. I fell asleep last night (or, for those of you in the State, this morning) while uploading the videos to YouTube.

The bus to Shirakawa-go:

Fasten your sheetoberuto!

A sign at the bus station. Seriously, we’re not joking, guys. 

As you can see, Shirakawa-go was beautiful. I’m keeping comments to a minimum as I’m frantically trying to get this post done before we leave for today’s adventures. 

Steam coming off a thatch roof:

Inside the Nagasaki house:

Scarecrows! Their faces were made with hiragana characters. 

Idyllic little houses and farm plots:

And beautiful natural scenery with emerald colored water:

On to Kanazawa! The geisha district:

Tea House Kaikaro:

Playing the shamisen, the Japanese guitar:

Japanese Drinking Game!

Tatami mats covered in gold leaf, apparently cost as much as a new Ferrari:

Laundry night!


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