Monkey babies!

Today was our day in Takayama up in the mountains. We actually had most of the day free, which was nice, even though it was rainy most of the day.
The view from the hotel hallway window this morning:

Walking in formation to our first tour stop. I feel like that face is pretty representative of his personality. That’s the older gentleman who’s now walked out into traffic twice.

It said to take a picture with it!

Kokubun-ji! A very beautiful Shinto shrine. This was the entrance – notice all the Sarubobo (monkey babies!). These things are everywhere around Takayama.

Our guide Miko talking about the Sarubobo at the shrine:

And of course, the sign, because otherwise I’d never remember the name:

More Jizou images, just like in Kamakura, to ask that Jizou help the deceased children and babies cross the river out of hell. 

The shrine itself:

1,200 year old ginkgo tree, the “Milk Tree:”

A Jizou image tucked into the Milk Tree trunk:

Just a pure vanity selfie:

Some fun Engrish. At least it’s not far:

The river in Takayama:

A not-very-good shot of the outside of the Takayama government building:

Shoes off and toes cold! The fancy border on the tatami may indicates this room was used by high-ranking officials.

And the inside. I was trying to get a decent shot of the architecture, which is difficult with so many people around. 

The garden view through the shijou:

The tiniest of tea rooms!

The Japanese version of a Hope Chest, which I didn’t even realize was a thing:

Ancient Japanese rain coat ๐Ÿ™‚

Oshirasu, where they interrogated and punished prisoners:

Just part of the beautiful projection sequence inside the building:

Sanmachi, the old preserved homes:

Enjoying some sake!

A couple old Japanese gentleman showed us that you’re supposed to spoon some salt into one hand, lick one finger on the other hand and dip it in the salt, then lick the salt and drink the sake. Kind of like a tequila shot. This is the salt box.

Enjoying sake!

Some beautiful hangings inside the restaurant where we had lunch:

More beautiful wall art where we ate:

My delicious Hida beef and rice:

An old street leading toward a shrine:

The gate in front of the shrine:

Stairs leading up to the shrine:

Aforementioned shrine, with me and my adorable umbrella:

But… what if I prefer the forceful stairs?

Hilarious sign in a bathroom stall in the Matsuri floats museum:

The floats! Those mannequins are life-sized, so you can tell how big the floats are! They were so intricate, too. 

The omikuji machine! So fun. The next time we did it, we all howled along with the weird noise it made and annoyed other tourists.

Me bumming around my hotel room in slippers, which most hotels in Japan provide for you. Unfortunately this one does not provide a robe or yukata, though. 

I know I said at the end of my video that I was about to go meet the rest of the group for dinner, but I opted instead to pick up some delicious sesame noodle salad from the local Family Mart and enjoy an evening in with some Supernatural. The introvert in me was about to have a crisis if I didn’t get some quiet alone time. Next in my plans is to go enjoy a nice, hot bath in my Japanese-style bath tub!

Tomorrow, onward to Kanazawa and Shirakawa-go! We keep the same guide, so hopefully everything will continue to be smooth sailing.


4 thoughts on “Monkey babies!

  1. Looks like an amazing adventure. I wish I was able to go along with you. Have fun and keep posting! I’m enjoying being able to follow along!


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