Sightseeing in Hakone

Vlog part 1:

Vlog part 2:

Leaving our ryokan in the morning:

Hakone train station:

Hakone switchback cable car:

Reached the top! It was absolutely beautiful. I wish more of the leaves had started to turn. 

A panorama of the view before we got on the Gondola:


You can see here where all the trees have started to die being so close to volcanic vents:

It looked like something from a post-apocalyptic movie. It’s an active volcano and actually pretty dangerous. 

Trees all dead from the gases being released. 


The first picture I took on our way down the other side of the volcano – I noticed Mt Fuji the moment I took the photo and gasped and yelled “IS THAT FUJI?” at which point I think everyone just about rocked the Gondola off the cables.

Fuji coming up out of the clouds!

We took a boat across the lake, and as soon as we got off we were very lucky to see Mt Fuji again. 

Mt Fuji!

The Marquetry master in Hakone. I can’t remember his name, but I have it written down somewhere:

I gave him omiyage, and he gave me a couple pieces of his woodworking in return. 

The outside of his shop:

About to board the bullet train to Nagoya, where we transferred to an express train to Takayama:

It felt almost like an airplane. 

My bento box lunch. It was okay. 

For the express train, I got sake in a cup!

We arrived at our hotel in Takayama, and this was in the lobby. Super cute!

We had dinner next door. This is a little grill they lit for you at your table:

And this is shabu shabu. You parbroiled your own meat at the table:

And now I’m all caught up! New guide, new day tomorrow. Hopefully the ride continues to be fun but gets a little more peaceful!


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