Day in Kamakura 10/23

A tour of my ryokan room, in two parts because I got interrupted:

A video from earlier in the day, walking through the Hokokuin bamboo garden:

And a short video just to show the very traditional interior of the restaurant we had dinner in:

A beautiful final morning in Tokyo:

My Lawson!

About to enter Hokokuin

Having tea in Hokokuin

Walking around Hokokuin

The raked gravel is so immaculate and precise!

Our guide  was showing us that the bamboo stalks can grow up to 50 cm in 24 hours!

The Great Buddha at Kotokuin:

First, our guide Royce and me with Christina, a delightful fellow tour member, photobombing

Royce explaining th four different levels of the gods:

Inside the Buddha:

Handmade noodle lunch! 

The shelves where you put your shoes. We ate lunch in sock feet!

Hasedera Temple, originally established in the 8th century:

The front gate. That tree gets a hair cut every single day.

A huge camphor tree outside. They used to make the god and goddess statues out of this tree because the strong scent kept bugs away. 

There are lotuses everywhere since Buddha was said to have been born from one:

Statues of the god Jizu, protector of dead children and babies, pregnant women, and travelers.

So, so many images of Jizu, mostly placed by women asking Jizu to help their deceased child across the river out of hell

Pacific Ocean!


Hasedera is also a member of the Petsmart Pagoda club!

Torii gate leading to the cave part of the temple:

That statue on top is the third god on the list under Buddha, and a very angry god at that

Many, many more Jizu statues. There are even some on the walls.

Zen gardens are pretty cool. 

The train station to leave Kamakura:

I’m too gangsta for this Onsen. 

Outside of the restaurant we ate at:

The amazing spread we had for dinner:

Dinner group selfie! These are awesome people. Troublemakers we’re not present. 

Outside my room at the Onsen:

Wearing my yukata, ready to enjoy the hot springs!

Ryokan hallway:

Sign for the public baths:

I wanted a photo to show the minimalistic nature of my ryokan room:

A little origami near the head of my futon:


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