How many pictures? So many. 

My clothesline!

I have returned to Asakusa! Let the shopping commence. 

Japan attempts philosophy.

A side street in Asakusa where I bought my umbrella.

This dude was walking down the street carrying this booth or vendor stand or whatever.

An advertisement for Sumida Aquarium’s Halloween exhibit. 

On the way to Sumida Aquarium, I had to walk through some bizarre festival, announced by this even more bizarre sign.

This is the only Sumida picture that will go in this post. There will be an entire post later dedicated to the aquarium.

My view of Akihabara at lunch. I had an awesome seat. 

Fucking. Awesome. Lunch.

Entranceway to the restaurant I ate at.

Akihabara is the definition of sensory overload. 

A short video of Akihabara:

More Akihabara.

Using a locker to store my backpack in the Shibuya train station. Too bad I just had to carry that corpse with me.

They know what that looks like, right? Right?

I had to cross the famous Shibuya crosswalk, but first I had to film it. People did crazy things at this crosswalk. So many GoPros on sticks, and people who would dash out ahead of the crowd waving a flag right when the light turned.


They take plumbing very seriously. Gotta keep the squatty potties and bidets on point.

Made it to AiiA 2.5 Theater! Now to stand in line. 

So excited ❤

The capsule machines!

My badass subtitle glasses.

This is the fanciest display for a Sailor Moon toy I’ve ever seen. 

And lastly, I assemble one of my capsule toys. I think I was not supposed to keep the actual capsule part; the show was about to start and I panicked and shoved them in my shoulder bag.


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