Oh hi there, jet lag.

Okay, so WordPress seems to want to upload photos in random orders rather than how I number them, so I’m just going to roll with it. We’ll be starting at the end of the day and going backward.

The rumors are true; there are train cars in Japan designated women-only during commuting hours to keep men from groping them!

This is Asakusa starting to light up as the sun went down. Lots of souvenirs, but tonight was primarily seeing the temple and shrine, so no time to shop!

I was really thirsty and bought the weirdest-sounding drink I could find from a vending machine. It was sort of like Gatorade. 

The hiragana on the horizontal signs says “mikuji” – these are paper fortunes you can pay money for. Our guide said about 60% are bad fortunes.

A view of the gate with an incense burner in the foreground. Apparently many Japanese believe the smoke has healing powers, so they will waft it toward whatever part of themselves needs healing. 

A particularly sweet blessing (see next photo for more explanation).

Our guide I believe called these “ema.” Basically pieces of wood you can buy and write a prayer or blessing on it for the gods to see.

The Sanja Shrine! Far more modest than the neighboring Buddhist temple. When you pray here, you’re supposed to wash your hands first, throw a coin in a big box at the front, bow twice, clap twice, pray, then bow again. This is all apparently to get the gods’ attention because they don’t just hang out in shrines all the time.

Good view of the gate. 

Part of the Ginza district, making our way to Asakusa.


It’s always a crapshoot (pun intended) where to find the flush button. This particular one was on the wall.

View of Tokyo from the Sky Tree. 

Standing on the glass floor in the Sky Tree.

A very dark selfie in the Sky Tree. 

Sky Tree!

The most delicious lunch EVER. Best miso soup I’ve ever had in my life. They just kept bringing out more skewers, and I was just so excited.

The above photo (because WordPress won’t let me put the caption where it needs to go) is a shrine near the Tsukiji fish market. Our guide explained this is a shrine to the god of lost children. The red collars on the foxes are actually the bibs of deceased babies/children.

I swear I think I saw one move.

I’m not gonna want fish for a while.

Shrimp shrimp shrimp!

Adorable little sweets made from bean paste! Not all the fish market was gross. 

I watched him sear all that with what looked like a butane torch.

Official sign! Like I said, these photos are in reverse order.

I think the octopus arms freaked me out the most.

So many fish!

First arriving at Tsukiji fish market.

Frogger at the Tsukiji fish market!

And now it’s off to find cheap, local dinner, and then maybe another blog post.


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