Japan vlog post number one:

I like this video format; way easier than typing all this out. 

Speaking of the Dreamliner being so cool, here’s the very quick, easy take-off:

And WINDOW DIMMERS. These were so fun, and I’m sure other passengers hated me by the end of the flight for playing with them so much. There are no window switches in the Dreamliner; you have controls that let you change how clear or tinted your windows are. Most people kept theirs as dark as possible the whole flight, which was weird, because then it felt like nighttime even though it was mid-day.

It’s a gradual process. About four minutes after I had stopped recording the window was practically blacked out. 
Now, photos!!!

The cabin lights would fade between different colors so you didn’t just get rudely awakened by fluorescents in your eyes:

Dinner! Free wine! All of this was actually delicious.

Finally we are over Honshu…

One day when I’m a rockstar I’m going to pay to sit in first class like this. 

OHMYGOD the bathrooms in Narita! Here you see a traditional Japanese toilet aka hole in the ground. 

Complete with instructions and pictures! One must squat pensively while voiding.

Toilet with bidet, also complete with instructions and the most delightful pictures! I need one of these butt-wash signs as a souvenir.

They also had a standard Western bidet-less toilet. Japan provides for all your varied bathroom needs.
And here’s the view from my room ❤ I only just got here, but this city is amazing. 

VENDING MACHINES! I don’t know what’s in them but I plan to try ALL OF IT.


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