The Dreamliner

WordPress is really not getting along well with the airplane’s wifi, but I’ll try again to get some pictures posted. 

Flying JAL’s Dreamliner has been unlike any other flying experience I’ve had. I usually try desperately to sleep during take-off, but honestly I was so excited to be on a Dreamliner and so in awe of how nice and polished everything looked, I stayed awake and even filmed take-off. The sound of the engines was incredible, and we got off the ground much faster than I thought we would, especially for such a large plane. I’ll have to post the video later; airplane WiFi just can’t quite handle that. 

The flight crew have been more helpful and friendly than any American flight crew I’ve encountered. They came around with these little rice snacks and drinks shortly after takeoff

I think the hiragana and katakana reads “aranemitsukesu.” I don’t know what that means, but that’s what it says anyway!

Then the in-flight meal came out. I was surprised at the amount of food. They even gave out little cups of Haagen Dasz! They had forks available, but I used the chopsticks because I’m not a heathen ;P

Of course Babs the Buffalo is traveling with me; she makes an ideal pillow. Here she peers out the window at cloud-covered Alaska. 

Speaking of cloud cover, I was really hoping to get some good views of Alaska. Here’s what the Flight Information software says should be visible out th right side of the plane:

And here’s what’s actually visible:

Boo clouds. 

The in-flight entertainment system has been a never-ending source of fun. I can watch the plane in real time, and you can choose to see views out different parts of the plane, including the cockpit:

The home screen for said entertainment system:

The windows are also super cool. I have a button that allows me to change how tinted they are – from totally clear to totally blacked out. That requires a video to really show, so that will come later. 

Presently I have 6 hrs 18 mins left until we arrive in Tokyo. We are heading out over open ocean away from Alaska now and will be over the Bering Sea soon. 

One last photo; the clouds cleared enough for me to get a shot of Cape Newenham.

I lied. Here’s the last photo. Look how close to the Arctic Circle we are! I thought I saw some little white specks of ice on the water earlier.


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