Getting ready to board a Canadair jet at GSP. Watching the sunrise in an airport is pretty cool. I opted out of the body scanner and got a pat-down instead, and the agent doing the pat-down was super concerned that I’m a woman traveling alone. 

Tokyo-NRT, JAL flight 11, on time!

No joke, DFW has a little yoga corner with an instructional video playing so you can do some yoga in between flights.

DFW is weird. It’s like the Disneyland of airports.

Again, Disneyland of airports. 

Lovely little cafe where I had some French toast and a $10 mimosa. 

Sorry it’s sideways. My JAL boarding pass!

The front of my Dreamliner. They’ve got some message in Japanese in the windshield, but I can’t see it well enough to figure out what it says. 

And a better picture of the Dreamliner getting checked over by ground crews. Can’t wait to see what the inside looks like!


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