Testing Videos and Full Tank Shots

So this post is part of my preparation for leaving for Japan in less than three days! I will not have my laptop, so all blog posts will be done in iOS from either my iPhone or my iPad. While I’ll have a pocket WiFi hotspot with me, I’ll try to keep video uploads (I feel so silly using the word “vlog”) to locations where I have access to free WiFi so I don’t kill my data limit. Supposedly there’s no *actual* limit, but it will per Japanese law throttle my speeds after so much data usage.

First off, I was encouraged by some friends to post FTS more regularly, so here you go!

The tank’s doing well right now. Per AqAdvisor, my capacity given my filtration is only 64%, so I’ve started considering getting more fish when I get back from Japan. There’s a trio of electric blue rams in the Diver’s Den over at LiveAquaria that I’ve been eyeballing.

Two of my assassins are presently on top of the driftwood, which is an unusual spot for them, but seeing as how they appear to be mating, they probably don’t care:

The long white lines are Clamps’s ventral fins. It’s impossible to take pictures close up without attracting the angels’ attention.

I plan on doing a large water change in the next couple days, then really the only maintenance necessary while I’m gone will be for Hampton to feed the fish and maybe add some fertilizers to help keep the BBA at bay.

Also, bonus anole picture out in the birth center’s Serenity Garden because he’s just SO DAMN CUTE:

So, typing a blog post on my phone is a little tiring. It might be better on my iPad, but still, I will be making an effort to vlog a fair amount. In the interest of making sure I know how to record and upload videos in YouTube and then embed them, please to enjoy (I hope) this video of some tank inhabitants going about their day:

Yes, it’s supposed to be silent. I didn’t have my mic turned on, and there wasn’t anything interesting to hear anyway.


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