Post 20, in which bae caught me slippin’

For those unfamiliar with the “bae caught me slippin” meme, I think sums it up the best: “selfies that are falsely presented as if they were taken by a significant other while the subject was asleep.”

While I’m certainly not pretending to sleep in this photo, I do think it’s in the same vein as the “bae” selfies, so I had to take the piss out of myself a little for it:


I’ve been making an effort to get more pictures with Jazz given her advanced age. Fortunately, she does not mind cuddle time. In this particular photo, she was so happy to be snuggled up on the couch that we laid like that for quite a while, and any time Lucky or Potter even looked our way, she let them know they were unwelcome with a warning growl.

Speaking of her advanced age, her knee braces came in! While they don’t necessarily improve her gait, they do seem to improve her endurance. We can walk quite a while longer without her limping, and after the walk she seems much less sore than usual. I’m calling it a win.


In my last post, I talked about going to a swap meet and trading some driftwood for a new tank, and some pygmy swords for some spiderwood. I used the 15% friends and family discount at PetSmart to pick up some black Floramax substrate, which I’ve never used before so I’ll be interested to try plants with it. I got my hardscape set up, which seemed to take no time at all given that the last tank I scaped was 125g, and here it is:


I was very pleased with it and added some water so I could put plants in. Unfortunately, this happened:


The spiderwood all floated, so my hardscape got messed up. I’m presently in Tennessee, but right before I left, I poked the wood a little bit to see if it was waterlogged yet, and I *think* it is, but I’ll see for sure when I get home and hopefully reset the hardscape back to how I liked it.

I have been wanting another betta for a while, as bettas are where my fish obsession got started, and so I was going to put a betta in the little Ebi. I particularly wanted a female koi betta, which I was probably going to have to order directly from Thailand on Aquabid. I haven’t seen any American breeders that do koi bettas. As luck would have it though, when I went to Aquatic Critter in Nashville a couple days ago, they had koi bettas! They only had three or four and I am fairly sure they were all male (they seemed quite young, so it was hard to be sure), but I picked up a small-ish one with pretty colors. He’s so young I’m not even sure what tailtype he is. I’m hoping plakat, but we’ll see as he grows how big his tail gets and what shape it takes. His tail does have a black edge on one portion, which I’m sincerely hoping is part of his koi coloring and not fin rot, but we’ll see.

I have decided the long-finned blue-eyed BN pleco was an excellent purchase. She’s absolutely beautiful:


She looks like she has wings.

And I caught this excellent photo of some of my cory cats preparing to fly north for the summer:


I’ve started dosing with dry ferts and am excited to see how that goes. I also finally caved when Drs. Foster and Smith had a freshwater sale and purchased the necessary supplies for a semi-automated, pressurized CO2 system for the 125g. I’ll have to go by Airgas to pick up a CO2 tank, but I feel like I’ve done enough research at this point that I will be able to put this together and hopefully get it running with few issues. They do make inline CO2 attachments for canister filters to more evenly disperse the CO2, but honestly getting the inline heaters on and working well was enough of a chore. I think I’ll figure out the CO2 system by itself first and just position the diffuser right underneath the spray bar for my Eheim 2217.

I also completely rescaped the right side of the tank in order to incorporate my water wisteria and pennywort, and to fill in gaps where I had removed a lot of Amazon swords. I hadn’t been 100% happy before with the arrangement of my driftwood, and I think the rescape has been a huge improvement. Behold this FTS:


I was initially unsure about the pennywort, as it seems to have been growing for a while floating at the top of a tank. There are just roots absolutely everywhere; none of the stems had a distinguishable “plantable” end. I trimmed some leaves near where I decided to plant the stem and hoped for the best. Once I got it all in, I quite liked it. It’s just left of center in the tank and toward the back, and basically just looks like a big unkempt pennywort bush.

I’ve also propagated some java ferns around the tank, basically just sticking the plantlets into any little nook or cranny I could find in the driftwood. I’d love to grow a big java fern bush. Maybe adding some CO2 will make that happen.



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