Post 17, in which a bat lives on the porch

I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting since I started this blog. I managed to reign in my addiction for a whole nine days.

Okay, so a bat didn’t *really* live on our porch. It just sounded like one. And was big enough to be one. We had a dragonfly large enough to carry off a small child get stuck in our screened-in back porch for a few days. We’d go a little while without seeing him and think maybe he had escaped the porch, but then you’d be out there and hear his helicopter blades start up and have to run for cover.

I added some red marks to show his length since he’s on the inside of the screen and a little hard to see:

Seriously, I didn’t know they came that big. Here you can hear his wings:

Yeah, those were my fingers momentarily in the video. I was trying to get my hand up there for comparison purposes, but then my fear of an angry dragonfly stuck in my hair got the best of me.

On the fishy side of things, the catfish are now in the 125g! They are typical cories and pretty much never stop wiggling. I think of catfish as being bottom-feeders, but these guys spend a lot of time cruising around the top of the tank. The bristlenose pleco was happier without them and has charged them a few times when they’ve gotten too close to an algae wafer he’s claimed as his own, but I don’t think he’ll do them any real harm.

Speaking of the bristlenose, I got this awesome picture of him and some zucchini:


He’s so teensy. I can’t wait to see him grow to full size.

The assassin snails have also been added to the 125g, though so far they’ve been pretty useless. Two of the three locked together pretty much as soon as I introduced them to the tank. I don’t know why assassin spawning takes several days, but it does, so I hope they at least worked up an appetite. While they were busy boinking, my pest snail population continued to grow.

The upside is, supposedly in a couple months I’ll have baby assassins coming up out of the sand, which is adorable and horrifying at the same time.

Here you can see an assassin (the one with conical, striped shell) on the right, and to the left is the berried shrimp with her tail tucked under fanning her eggs:

I was going to do a large water change yesterday, but water parameters were so perfect it really wasn’t necessary, so I’ve just been keeping the tank topped off. Here’s yesterday’s parameters:

  • Ammonia 0 ppm
  • Nitrite 0 ppm
  • Nitrate 5 ppm
  • pH 7.4

So the tank has stayed pretty stable so far. I have three Bolivian Rams on the way and will be very excited to get them in. I couldn’t choose gender, but I’m hoping for two females and a male. Apistogrammas might be next up down the road, along with a second schooling fish, though I haven’t figured out what yet.

Jazz has now had two at-home laser treatments, and they have gone very well and are worth the house call fee. Jazz is far less stressed and getting decent relief from her arthritis. We won’t be starting any COX-2 inhibitors again, but I am keeping Tramadol on hand to use for her as needed, and we’ll start her Adequan back up soon. We took a very long walk with the girls today, so she’s just recently had a Tramadol and is snoozing on the couch with a heating pad on her stifles.


We keep Ellie leashed, but Jazz is just so well-behaved that I take her off leash any chance I get. It makes the walk a little easier, too, since Jazz isn’t restricted at all and also isn’t tangling us up in her leash when she wanders side to side to sniff.

She was pretty stiff at the end of our walk today. I think we overdid it some. I may purchase a custom-made brace that would wrap over her back and stabilize her stifles so that she can tolerate non-paved, more rugged terrain a little better.

Here’s my sweet girl relaxing with some heat therapy:



I have recharged my Purigen, which is an awesome product designed to “polish” water when you place it in a filter and keep your tank water sparkling clear, but I have as of yet been too lazy to install it back into one of my canisters. Here soon I’ll pop that in there and probably also add some more crushed shells to buffer the water a little more. The pH has been very stable, but eventually a large water change will be necessary, and I don’t want it to crash.

I also have been toying with the idea of a plant grow-out tank since mine have been growing too fast for me to keep up with. I was originally planning on transitioning the 25g quarantine tank to a saltwater tank when I no longer needed a freshwater quarantine, but it may house a whole bunch of plants and some amano shrimp instead. We’ll see. I’d prefer a tank with a bigger footprint, but I don’t know that I want to shell out the money for one at this point.

I’ve also thought about just keeping a little nano tank with plants but no livestock in it on my desk at work. We’ll see. Fortunately I have a partner who doesn’t seem to mind the idea of fish tanks everywhere. ❤


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