Because it looks like a blackberry, only green

I am on call once again, and this time I’m actually in-house tonight to take care of someone. I don’t mind so much. There’s less anxiety involved if I’m already hanging out on L&D, as opposed to sitting comfy at home waiting for the phone to ring. Plus I have this awesome view from the call room:

I think I like this window even more at night. It’s really nice to look out when the world is asleep and it’s dark and quiet out.

In the world of fish, I finally set up a quarantine tank. I had a 25g tank, stand, and light that Hampton’s parents gave us that was sitting around empty, so I put it to good use. The stand is iron and had rusted in a few places, but some black spray paint had it looking shiny and new. It also had a couple spider egg sacs on it that were likely quite old and not viable, but nonetheless got carefully scraped off with a screwdriver. One spider still dared to remain (which may very well have boarded during the night the stand was sitting out in the the yard to dry), and since the screwdriver happened to be the only thing in my hand at the time, that’s how the spider met its end.

Of note, Ellie was out in the yard with me as I was working on the stand, and a cat got in the yard. Ellie first noticed it when it was under Hampton’s car and began barking furiously at it since she couldn’t reach it. The cat made a run for it and just barely made it over our driveway gate at the same time that Ellie threw her entire body weight against the gate, busting it open. My panic over what to do if Ellie caught and killed a cat turned into panic over how to keep her away from Laurens Road. Frantic banshee-style screeching ensued, waking Hampton up and pulling him into the fray, but fortunately Ellie treed the cat and just sat at the bottom of the tree barking at it. She willingly sauntered back into the yard with some gentle encouragement, and after my adrenaline level returned to something resembling normal, I returned to the stand and tank.

And here is the fruit of my labor. The tank itself was leak-tested overnight on our back porch and found to be in good shape, then drained, moved inside, and re-filled (after Hampton valiantly killed a wasp that decided the tank made for awesome stingy-insect real estate).

Yes, there are already fish in it. I picked up eleven albino corydoras catfish at Petco. They get to hang out in quarantine until I know they’re all healthy and the big tank is back to normal.

Petco also, to my surprise and delight, had assassin snails! I’d never even seen them in person before, so I went ahead and grabbed three. They are also hanging out in quarantine with the catfish.

I also grabbed all the ghost shrimp they had, which was twelve, including one berried female (“berried” referring to the fact that she’s full of eggs, as you can see below). They went straight into the big tank after some acclimatization since they can’t catch ich and they don’t mind the heat.

Speaking of Petco, they had this awesome sign up by the ferrets that totally makes me want to buy one. I don’t know how their marketing team does it.

And lastly, a sweet picture of my two favorite girls living it up.


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