A Dedication to the Azawakh

First things first, we have fish! Our trip to PetSmart didn’t go quite as planned; they apparently run out of ghost shrimp very quickly. We did get a golden mystery snail, an ivory mystery snail, four cherry barbs, and a very juvenile bristlenose plecostomus. It should be noted that four cherry barbs is absolutely not a suitable number; I just took all the ones they had left. I’m on a mission to seek out more cherry barbs in the coming days. At the moment we have three males and a female, and they are all very shy and very young.

You can see the three males hiding here – the female tends to be much harder to find.

Pictures of the snails and plecostomus will come in future posts. I did want to share a picture of my nymphoides taiwan plant in the back of the tank, which absolutely took off while we were in Atlanta. It’s almost as tall as the tank now! It’s the two lily-pad shaped leaves pictured here:


I also wanted to do a little equipment discussion in this post. The SeaChem Alert series of monitors are generally poo-poo’d in the aquarist community, but I’m actually a big fan. The first few years I kept fish, I religiously had the ammonia monitor in every tank. Aquarists generally don’t like them due to their lack of accuracy. While I acknowledge they are certainly not a substitute for liquid-based water parameter testing with the API master kit, they are an excellent screening tool. They may not be a good indicator of subtle changes, but generally they can clue you in if a major change in parameters has taken place so that you can then perform more accurate liquid-based tests to determine what’s going on.


Per the liquid test kit, my water’s pH was 7.2 yesterday, so it’s fairly close. Given the history of this tank swinging down to sub-6.0, I wanted a safety net to prevent disaster (or at least catch it quickly) should the pH start to crash again.

Now, on to the Dedication to the Azawakh.

When I got up this morning, Ellie was curled up in the LoveSac and being incredibly affectionate. I sat on the Squattoman and she promptly laid her head in my lap and rotated the lower portion of her body to expose her belly for rubs. We cuddled like this for a while, and I wondered what had her being so sweet with me, when it dawned on me that today is May 9 – meaning Ellie was surrendered by her previous family to Greenville County Animal Care exactly one year ago today. I’m sure Ellie doesn’t realize that, but I suspect she does perceive a difference in the family she has now as compared to the family she once had, and appreciates that she’s got it made now.


Ellie stayed in the shelter for eleven days before she chose us to be her new family, so on May 20 we will celebrate her one year Gotcha Day. This weekend she starts her advanced obedience class.

We’re so glad to have the Azawakh in our lives ❤



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