Labor Fairies and Blog Posts

As I sat to write this blog post, I wondered if blogging angers the labor fairies. One can’t help but be a little superstitious when one works in the world of labor and delivery. Some people think the full moon brings babies, others think the rain brings babies – others think Chinese food brings babies. When I’m on call, my phone always seems to ring while we’re walking the dogs. And there are almost always words that should never be said – words that act like auditory pitocin. I’m at least superstitious enough that I won’t write them here while I’m on call. I don’t know if blog posts bring babies, but a blog post with any of the labor fairies’ favorite words in it would certainly tempt fate.

So let’s start with water parameters:

  • Ammonia 0 ppm
  • Nitrite 0.5-1.0 ppm
  • Nitrate 20-40 ppm
  • pH 7.2

So it looks like we may really be on a downward trend in the nitrite department! I was hopeful after my post two days ago, but yesterday hadn’t shown much progress. Today nitrites have definitely dropped some. Nitrate isn’t spiking as dramatically as one might think it should, but I have a LOT of plants in this tank, many of which are fast growers and therefore nutrient hogs, so I’m sure a lot of nitrate is getting consumed that way.

I added 60 drops of ammonia to the tank after I finished water tests; we’ll see what happens! Hampton and I leave for a convention on Thursday and won’t be back until Sunday. I’m going to be dying to know what’s going on in this tank in the meanwhile. I think I’m going to leave instructions for our dogsitter to put ammonia drops in there each day.

Now, on to pictures! I should note there will be no more baby bird pictures – they’ve all grown up and left the nest. There was one on my rental yacht when I left for work this morning, and it fluttered clumsily over to a bush when I came near.

I never start with dog pictures, so I thought I’d change it up tonight. This was our second night enjoying our patio. Hampton’s parents got us patio chairs and a table for our birthdays, so we’ve been making use of them. Last night was whiskey and ice cream while watching heat lightning! Ellie likes to wander, but Jazz appreciates having a soft place to lie nearby under the sparkly lights.



Don’t mind my poor nutrient-starved anubias. I’m convinced some of the larger leaves are suffering from nitrogen deficiency from before the cycle got started. Instead check out the nymphoides in the back – they’re getting so big! I’m so excited to see these grow to full height. When they first came in, they were all four to five inches or less. Now I have some that are easily taller than twelve inches!



Amazon plant babies! Seriously, I think I got too many of these things. I may end up having to sell some. You can just see where this little swordlet has started dropping roots; it’ll be ready to be snipped from its bloomstalk and planted soon.



Hampton’s plant! Better known as rotala indica, and better known still as rotala rotundifolia. You can actually see the line where new growth has happened since I planted them. These were planted about eight days ago and have already grown over 1.5″ in height.



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