They Call Me the Crypt Keeper

More happy news from the 125g today! I’m very happy with the new placement of the crypt balansae, and in general they all seem healthier than I had thought they were. One of them I did throw out because it looked suspiciously like the root was rotting. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

The little brown and red crypts in the front left of the tank are doing better and starting to point up rather than being curled all to hell. They have a bunch of gross-looking plant detritus around them from where a couple of the balansae melted in that area, but I want to let them grow more before I try to vacuum around them at all.

So many crypts!img_0559


The rotala is also looking excellent. Most stalks look like they actually have some new growth on the top already. I look forward to seeing how tall it’ll all grow.img_0557

I had added 100 drops of ammonia after making my last post since my ammonia had been so low. Here are present water parameters:

  • Ammonia 0 ppm
  • Nitrite 5+ ppm
  • Nitrate 10-20 ppm
  • pH 7.2

At this point I don’t want to inundate the tank with ammonia, as that can inhibit the nitrite-eating bacteria which I am now trying to grow, so I just added 45 drops of ammonia. Gotta keep one bacteria fed while not pissing off the other one!

I’m thinking first into the tank will be ten cherry barbs and 10-20 ghost shrimpies. I’m waffling on also maybe throwing ten rummynose tetras in, but I don’t want to overload the tank. Given that my bacteria right now can chow down some serious ammonia, I think it could probably handle 20 fish and some shrimp, but I don’t want to accidentally commit fish genocide, either.

In other news, after I finally figured out a hardscape I liked, I had lots of leftover driftwood, so I decided to go into the lamp-making business! Behold the fruits of my labor:


It’s a prototype; don’t judge.


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